Midori - The Challenges of Navigating a Live in Music

Heather: Were there times when you got frustrated with practicing or playing when it came to something that you couldn’t get right away?

Midori: I think that’s something we all go through. And it’s not only as children and young musicians that we have our frustrations that we try so hard and we love our music so much and we love our instrument so much and we have so much respect for it. That’s why we want to do better. You feel as if everything is working against you, and you keep wondering: how could I make this work? And what am I doing wrong that I’m not getting this. That’s part of education, that’s part of learning. To find the process, to figure out how to discover, how to achieve, how to acquire different things. How to acquire new materials and new skills.

This is part of the learning experience. And I see that now as an adult. In a way I think I’ve learned so much more when I struggled more to get it. Rather than - when somebody would give me an instant answer - if i had to search for that answer. I think, in the process, I learned so much more about myself, about the music and I was that much smarter later.

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