Midori – Studying at The Juilliard School

Heather: So now you're in a new school and learning a new language, what was the music, how did that translate going from one environment to the other and now how are the kids responding to music in your new school?

Midori: I think what was very different about my life in New York from when I was living in Japan was that I also started to go to music school, to the pre-college program in Juilliard which is once a week. I had never been surrounded by so many kids my age who played an instrument and not only the fact that there were kids playing instruments beside the violin, there were kids playing multiple instruments like the piano and the cello - taking lessons in both or kids who were taking violin lessons and composition lessons simultaneously.

I had never played in an orchestra before and it was a very different situation at the Juilliard School. I didn't particularly you know do anything in terms of the playing that was beyond what was expected in Orchestra or lessons but lessons are private. I learned to play the viola, played in quartets and it was fun. I had my lessons and then I always prepared for them. I would focus not only the upcoming lesson but also planning ahead for what's going to be happening, what I plan to take into a lesson over a few weeks time and it's more of a you know long range planning which I think was very important for the type of work that I get to do now.

I can't just be concerned about the next concert or the next recital because if I just did that week by week then it definitely will not be possible to accomplish all the responsibilities that I have.

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