Alisa Weilerstein - The music she listens to

Matthew Janszen: What kind of music are you listening to right now? What's on your iPod?

Alisa Weilerstein: I’m listening to a lot of Gabriel Kahane songs. That's the project I'm doing now so…

Matthew: Yeah Classical Chops has actually interviewed Gabriel Kahane. So, make sure you check that out on our website.

Alisa: Absolutely!...I’m listening to the Beethoven - Grosse Fuge a lot. It's actually one of the first things I put on when I really feel like listening to music. It’s just mind-boggling. It’s incredible. I also recently listened to sort of random but Barber song Dover Beach with Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau. I'm  a huge huge huge fan of his so. Talk about inspiring, what a heartbreaking voice he had. Unbelievable. So, that's what I've been listening to. Kind of variation of...variety of things.

Matthew: No, that’s great! Variety is good. You know I think it points out that you know whatever instrument you do play well it's important to expose yourself to…

Alisa: I didn’t mention any Cello music you see.

Matthew: Yeah exactly. And you know again it goes back to that to be as well-rounded as possible with music.

Alisa: Absolutely.

Matthew: And use whatever you can to inspire you.

Team Compassalisa